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Default Re: Baltimore Sun - Sour Grapes Column Of The Year

Originally Posted by STEEL-MAN View Post
The Ravens are thugs, were before and prove by this statement they still are. What a roll model for Baltimore City, the city with 5 murders a week! Sad!

FEUDING: Scott admitted threatening Ward with bodily harm after being slammed to the ground by a receiver he outweighs by nearly 50 pounds, reinforcing Ward?s postgame claims.

?He tackled me and said he was going to kill me,? Ward told Pittsburgh reporters. ?But as long as you don?t shoot me, I?ll be fine. I don?t think there?s any place in the game for that type of stuff. I always thought he was a great player, but I guess he doesn?t like me.?

Scott threatened Ward again during his weekly radio show, vowing to ?knock his head off his shoulders,? adding that he would gladly pay a hefty fine to get revenge on the feisty wideout and extended his threat to Ward?s teammates, too.

?It?s not an idle threat,? Scott said. ?It?s a promise. I?m coming after Hines. I will never pass up a hit on him or anybody else who plays for the Steelers. It?s on.?

One day later, Scott remained on the warpath.

?Damn right, I threatened him,? Scott said. ?If I see him again, I?ll threaten him again.?

Added Suggs: ?Hines Ward, he?s a competitor. We don?t like him, but we respect him. Anybody that?s not wearing purple and black, Bart?s got a problem with them. That?s why I love Bart. I?m going to let him be the ?Mad Backer? and I?m going to be right behind him.?
the ravens are such friggin wackos. they have really been hanging around rayknife too much.
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