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Default Re: Why the Steelers will beat the Browns

Can't believe I haven't done this before today, but I finally went back and looked at the Browns' schedule up to this point. Here's where they stand at 5-3:

1 Sun. Sep 9 Steelers L 7-34
The Steelers completely dominated them (and it's worth pointing out that Anderson was 13-28 for 184 yards, with one gimme third quarter TD and an INT)

2 Sun. Sep 16 Bengals W 51-45
They beat a terrible (though we didn't know it quite yet) Bengals team but still gave up 45 points and won only by 6

3 Sun. Sep 23 @ Raiders L 24-26
No further comment required

4 Sun. Sep 30 Ravens W 27-13
Until Monday night, I actually thought this meant something

5 Sun. Oct 7 @ Patriots L 17-34
Exactly as expected

6 Sun. Oct 14 Dolphins W 41-31
Again, a win against a truly awful opponent and they still gave up 31 points

8 Sun. Oct 28 @ Rams W 27-20
An equal to the Dolphins in horridness, and they only managed to win by 7

9 Sun. Nov 4 Seahawks W 33-30 (OT)
The Steelers completely dominated and shut out Seattle, and Cleveland once again gives up tons of points and barely hangs on to win

Which means....
If the Steelers DON'T win this game going away on Sunday, something is dreadfully wrong. If you look at the record so far, in the case of the Browns, past performance IS a guarantee of future results.

And THAT's why I think we will beat the Browns.
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