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Default Re: Pasquarelli: Without Vick, the Running QB Revolution Stalls

Who cares, Len?

Running QB Revolution or Overpriced, Unsuccessful Experiment.

I'm not sure people were really expecting a revolution? Mike Vick was good for what? A season?

In a season where Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, two not generally known for mobility, lead the NFL's statistically best teams, who should give a sh*t about running QBs?

There is a difference between Running Quarterback (Vick, Texas-Era Vince) and Mobile Quarterbacks (Ben, Romo). The later, who throws first, flees second is valuable. The first kind who run first, throw long balls wildly and inaccurately, may do alright in the NCAA, but does not have a place in the NFL.

EDIT: P.S. I can't read anything Pastabelly says objectively anymore.
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