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Default Re: Pasquarelli: Without Vick, the Running QB Revolution Stalls

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
Ya that's what I'm saying, too.

Call it envy, but I don't like Len. I don't think he's insightful and he snakes credit for kicking up stories all the time when Adam S at NFL Network always beats him to it.

Its all part of my anti ESPN attitude.

EDIT: I didn't even answer the criticism or explain myself well before. What I'm trying to say is no sh*t, Len. When was there any sign that the Running Back QB was going to revolutionize the sport. Its BEEN dead. So why does it kick up now? Just because he gives props Ben it can't undo my feelings for him.
lol. yeah, i remember when shein had either laurie (owner) or tanenbaum (i think thats the eagles gm) on the show and he dropped the nugget that they had just signed kevin curtis. a few minutes later schein (who has espn on in the booth) sees len pasquarelli breaking news scroll across the bottom of the screen "curtis signs with eagles".

so pasquarelli gets breaking news from sirius radio? its definitely worth the $90 a year.

then again espn doesnt bug me. but neither does fox news or cnn
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