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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Well, the truck thing was a joke, but I should really know better. And all the stuff about talent pools increasing is basically true, no matter how much you dissect it. The FACT remains that NASCAR pulled from a very small segment of just the population of this country, and is now pulling from every Country that has auto racing. Billions? Maybe not. Hundreds of millions? Certainly. And no matter how you shake it out, whether it be football or soccer or golf or basketball or auto racing, if there are more people exposed to a sport, greater talent will emerge. Look at the NBA. There are a TON of European players, and China is next. It's statistically impossible for that not to be the case, though. But I literally can't wait for you to show me how it's not.

As for the technology argument, you're comparing apple and oranges. The WWII comparison was particularly off. Your argument would make sense if today's pilots and WWII pilots were still using the smae basic technology, but they aren't. NASCAR is still essentially using 60's pushrod engine technology. My point was that the cars are even MORE sensitive and HARDER to drive now because the technological advances make changes to the suspensions more dramatic and make set-ups from car to car much more dramatically different from each other.

Again, it's unpopular, because nobody would ever call out the scared cows who pioneered the sport, but it's no different than football. 90% of the players elected who played before the 60's wouldn't even be able to play in the league now, but they were certainly great given relative competition level they played against in their era. If you took Gant, Pearson, Petty, Yarborough and Junior Johnson in their prime and stuck them in IROC cars with Gordon, Kenseth, Johnson, Stewart and Kurt Busch, the latter guys would trounce the former.
Guess what? All the former guys are from the Southeast US, and the latter are from California, Wisconsin, Indiana and Las Vegas.
ok. with no more exaggerations of truck series drivers able to successfully return apollo 13 back to earth, or more people being lined up to drive a car than mcdonalds has served, i am willing to listen.

more sensitive and harder to drive? i wonder what the old schoolers who didnt have power steering would have to say about that.

i would like to see a race with d. pearson in his prime against current drivers in equal, slower wattered down stock cars. but then again i'd rather watch guys like b. elliot, earnhardt, petty, dust kids on the unrestricted tracks of daytona and talledega.

what is it in non southerns genes that makes the newer non souther drivers so much more superior?

(keep in mind, i hate the south, never have lived in the south, and never wanna go to the south)

as a NM, CA, and AZ kid, im all for the integration of drivers in nascar.

as for the WWII pilot analogy, i will have to bring the subject up to the next few stealth pilots i encounter. i dont know if it will prove anything, but it would be interesting to get there perspective. my contention is an old school wwII pilot has enough brain capacity to learn how to fly a modern plane, and a new school pilot can just as easilly fly some old crop duster.

from what i understand from past conversations is the stealth pilots can pretty much take a nap as they cross the atlantic.

technology makes things so much more difficult.

im not so sure my analogy is apples and oranges whn you look at the point. simple physics dictates what a plane or car will do. genetics will dictate whether yao ming or dkembe mtumbo is over 7 feet tall or if kenyans are the most prolific long distance runners.

i dont know how you can prove the opinion that if gordon were face to face in 10 races with the past greats (in a watered down iroc car) he would win the majority of the time. from what i remember, dale sr. and mark martin have pretty much dominated it when they were involved.

if he could do that, i would have to believe he could beat the current competition, just as well.
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