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Default Re: New York Sun Article: Big Ben May Be Nearing Ranks of Brady, Manning

That was a great read; thanks for bringing it over.

Perhaps OT, but with 20 TD throws so far, Ben has moved from from 7th to 2nd in all-time Steelers passing TD ranks in one half season. According to my SI Anniversary issue, the stats were:

Bradshaw 212 1970-83
Stewart 70 1995-2002
O'Donnell 68 1990-1995
Layne 67 1958-62
Finks 55 1949-55
Malone 54 1980-87
Roethlisberger 52 2004-06

With 20 more added, Ben moves from 52 to 72, ahead of Stewart. Of course, he has a ways to go to catch up to TB with 212, but I found it fascinating that he moved from 7th to 2nd with half a season still to play, in his (incomplete) fourth year, over guys who have played for us much longer. And if Ben plays for us for his entire football career, it's conceivable he could surpass Terry. Is it because the Steelers just didn't pass much in years past (and I do know we are known for running the football) or is Ben just that good? Thoughts?
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