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Default Re: Ejections Coming For Helmet-to-Helmet Hits

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The NFL has told its officiating crews to start ejecting players for flagrant helmet-to-helmet hits.

"Officials will be reminded this week to pay strict attention to these rules and disqualify the fouling player if the action is judged to be flagrant," Pereira wrote in the memo sent to the 32 NFL teams. "Actions that involve flagrant helmet to helmet contact are the likely acts that will include disqualification. Our commissioner and this office remain very focused on the safety of our players."

This of course is yet another policy intended to protect QBs. To get someone thrown out of a game it better be real blatant or I see yet another way for the league to assure it gets the Colts-Pats rematch it wants by ejecting opposing teams' defenders in the playoffs.

This has potential to really influence some games. I hope you're right Dan and that it would take a hell of a hit to give someone the boot for this.
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