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Default Steelers not the Same Team Either!!!

Every where I look. Every NFL Site or TV show I watch the same thing is said; the Cleveland Browns are not the same team they were in week 1 against the Steelers. What i say to that is why aren't they. The only team they played with a winning record beat them buy 14.

Two of the teams they played were 0-8. I know they are putting up some numbers but until they play the Steelers I think the we should reserve saying things like, they are now the team that is going to challenge the Steelers in the NFC North. I'm not taking away from their good season but hold on a minute. The Ravens and the Bengals will be good again next year.

The Steelers on the other hand have improved in all areas and Ben is seeing the field better than ever. The defense is playing lights out and with Ward back at full strength the offense will be hitting on all cylinders. I'd say that you could make the statement that the Steelers are also not the same team they were in week 1.
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