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Default Re: Steelers v. Browns Game Day Thread 11/11/07

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Game Over!

Still, it shouldn't have gone this way. This game is stll a joke.

Look at the Clowns being sore losers.
Honestly, by having such an attitude you're making us look more like ****y, arrogant winners than the Browns being sore losers.

I don't care what happened in the them good field position or what, the Browns put up a fight today, came 15 feet away from sending it into overtime at the last second, and should be respected. Whatever excuse you want to make for them coming close to winning, they came close, and if we were such a dominant team in comparison it shouldn't have been this close - no matter what excuse we make. You're making us seem like worse fans than the Browns, and by portraying such an image you're only shining a negative light on us.

Props to Cleveland, you guys put up a hell of a fight. This is one game that I'm happy we won and proud that we won. I have a new respect for the Browns, and I hope this rivalry comes alive again.
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