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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

Jeremy is entertaining, for sure. Ready for this one?

Dale Earnhardt Sr IS the most overrated driver of all time.

All the things that Dale Sr fans hate about Gordon actually apply to Sr. He was handed a ride when he was young simply because of who his daddy was(He ran his first Cup race when he was 24) without earning it. It took him twice as long to win his races, a number which Gordon surpassed recently. He won 7 Cups under the old points system. Newsflash: Gordon would be driving away with his 7th next Sunday if it was still the same points system (He would have been 400 points ahead of Johnson before yesterdays race), and again, he'd have accomplished that goal five years faster than Earnhardt.

And I LOVE when Earnhardt fans complain about the way Gordon drives. For the most part, Gordon drives clean 95% of the time, where Earnhardt had a whole different approach to winning. If you were faster, or in his way, Sr. would just wreck you.

Was Earnhardt Sr. a great driver? Yes. Does he deserve top 10? Yes, but the fact is, he was not as talented as Gordon. When it's all said and done, that will be obvious, but it's fun to watch people cling to the good old days.

As for the other stuff, Montoya jumped from F-1 because he rubbed people the wrong way. He was far from washed up. I'm not sure I'd call Jacques Villeneuve washed up. He's only 36, and he DID win F-1. Dario Franchitti won the IRL THIS year. That's hardly washed up.

And, yes, Texas is in the Southwest. Where do you consider it to be? If you Google Southwest US, Texas comes up in every relevant search. Not to mention the fact that Texans consider themselves to be from the Southwest. But what do they know?

The 50% number is not my own. I read that a couple different places when I researched what my responses were going to be here. I'll stick by it. By 2010, half the NBA will be foreign players.

And maybe Hamlin will win a cup. If only one driver from the SE wins one in the next 20 years, how does that disprove my point?

Finally, if I'm a "new" fan, I'm sorry I've only been watching for 15 years. I wonder how much longer I need to watch before I qualify to comment like an old timer like you? Actually, it's interesting that you bring up the history of the sport, since it's looking at the history that drove me to many of the conclusions I've reached.
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