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Default Re: Peter King Jumps On Ben's Bandwagon

Originally Posted by Lord Stiller View Post
Skip Bayless is the worst so-called expert on TV
Or... a genius? Those Cold Pizza segments were a lot better when it was Woody Paige and Bayless. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it was just good television to watch two middle-aged men with no athletic prowess struggle through life every morning...

I have to agree with Keller's stance on Berman. I don't feel like Berman puts himself out there so much as an "analyst." Usually you just see Berman spew out some silly stats or something and base his justifications on that. I think if you asked him, if he thought he was a great analyst, he would say no. Also if we are putting Berman out there, we have to put Stu "Keep That Juggs Machine Away From Me" Scott, as well.
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