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Default Re: Peter King Jumps On Ben's Bandwagon

Of all the so-called print media "experts," other than Mark Madden, who I don't consider to be an expert in anything except possibly overeating, the one guy who irritates me more than anyone is that whiner Bill Williamson (speaking of overeating...) in Denver. And once again, he weighs in on Ben in exactly the way I'd expect him to - grudging respect plus one little dig ("Roethlisberger doesn't fit..."), just so we know that he'll never forgive the Steelers for beating Seattle in XL:

From the "Going Overtime" column on MSNBC
Should Ben Roethlisberger be considered an MVP candidate?

No, this is Tom Brady’s baby.

If Brady inexplicably doesn't win, perhaps his New England teammate Randy Moss or Dallas’ Tony Romo would win. Roethlisberger doesn’t fit in that group. He’s a Pro Bowl quarterback and is a player to watch during the next several years.

What Roethlisberger has proven is that his disastrous 2006 season was simply a product of his health issues. Big Ben isn't the MVP — though it's tough to ignore his 20 touchdown passes and a passer rating that's second best in the league — but he’s the real deal, which is far more important to the Steelers right now.

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