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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

Richard Petty is like Father Abraham, from whom sprung the 12 tribes of NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr. is like Moses, who led them to world power and recognition. Jeff Gordon is like Jesus who opened the doors to the Gentiles. Jimmie Johnson isnt close to any of the above and everybody else flat out sucks.

i know it would take a bit of research, but i wonder how many championships petty and earnhardt woulda won with todays chase format.

anyways, congrats to jeff on his 2nd phantom champ to add to his 4 real ones and congrats to jimmie on his 2nd fraud cup in jeffs car and with jeffs team (hendrick).

as for the homestead race, it may be the 1st race since watching, that i intentionally dont tune in. i already know the outcome (hendrick wins all away around) and it reminds me an awful lot of the '93 finale. r. wallace needed to lead the most laps and win with dale sr. finishing 19th or worse (something like that).

rusty did his part, and dale finished 12th (or something like that) to win the cup.

2 hendric wins this sunday. gordon for the race and jj for the cup.
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