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Default A thought just occurred to me.... Joey Porter

Bear with me on this....At the end of last season the Steelers and quite a few fans felt that it was time for Joey Porter and the team to go their separate ways. He was such a huge part of our defense for 7 years. He was on our team for 8 years but really started to shine in his second season.

He became the voice and swagger of our defense. When we look back upon our Super Bowl XL win many of us first think of the offense. It was the last "Hurrah" for Jerome Bettis and the passing of the torch to Willie Parker. It was Big Ben maturing into a game breaking quarterback. It was Randel el and Ward making huge plays through deception and finesse.

However... When I think back upon the XL win and road to get there, I think of our defense first. While I have a mediocre body I have the mentality of a linebacker. And Joey Porter is the first one I think of. Remember those monster sacks he laid on Peyton Manning? I do. They were beautiful.

So.... Why am I writing this? I feel genuine sympathy for his demise of being stuck on the worst team in professional football. I realize that he is well paid and all that but he has a warriors heart. It has to be torture for him in that locker room, during practice and on the field.

Joey's website says it all. He'll forever be a Steeler in my eye. He's more than worthy of being mentioned with the names Lambert, Ham, Russell, Lloyd, Merriweather, and Kirkland. He's a linebacker for the ages.

Thank you Mr. Porter for all you've given to all of us.

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