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Default Re: A thought just occurred to me.... Joey Porter

Wow I didn't realize his website still looked like that.

Updated October 30, 2007... Hmm...

Anyway, yes Porter was a great linebacker and a large part of that Super Bowl team, especially.

As far as being stuck with the Dolphins, it was his choice to go to Miami. I'm sure he could have taken a smaller contract to be somewhere where he wasn't basking in the Florida Sun all day, enjoying the Miami nightlife, and counting all that new money, but working his ass off with a higher quality team, trying to prove that he's still got it and maybe win another Championship. Granted, I am shocked how bad the Miami Defense is with that front seven.

Necessary evil. Just like when Faneca walks this year. Alan Faneca has been outstanding for us. He's been a staple of that line for years and he's leaving, on his terms. Its really the same thing.

I can't feel too bad about the Rooneys cutting ties with guys when it happens. First and foremost, they have a business. Those guys work for the Rooneys and even though they play their hearts out, sometimes... they gotta go. Someone can do their job better, they want too much money, etc. They did it to Joey, they did it to Franco, they will do it again.

Its certainly a different defense without Joey around and I do feel bad if Joey is deeply depressed about this, but its the "biz," I guess. Great writeup, Pisn.

Just curious, since I was away when this happened, who else showed interest in Porter?
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