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Default Re: Bonds indicted by federal grand jury

Barry is not the "victim" here. Steroids use in the MLB already had it's day in court in round one when McGwire and all those other guys were under scrutiny. And when you say "When it did it" (assuming you are meaning when "he" did it), when exactly are you referring to? Barry was cheating last year, too. He has enough money to buy the latest crap to stay ahead of the game. He was cheating all along. If he went off the juice, he would have either gotten fat or shrunk or have been forced to retire. He did none of the above. He juiced just long enough to steal his record.

His cheating is more obnoxious and brazen because he was knowingly cheating in pursuit of one of baseball's sacred records, and he knew he would have never stolen the record without "help", and, what's worse , while he lied and denied all the way to the record, he actually convinced some of you that what he did was alright! That's the most shocking thing. He lied and cheated and now that he's caught lying to ALL of us, you guys are still defending him!
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