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Default Re: Steelers vs. Jets Gameday Thread - 11/18/07

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
We're still atop the divison by two games - I'm looking ahead, not back. Am I pissed about the loss? Damn straight. But what good does 20 straight posts in all CAPS of "We suck!" "Fire Arians!" "Bench Troy!" "We'll never win again!," etc., etc. do? Does it erase the "L?"
Good Post - All you can ask from a team as lousy as we were offensively today is that they look at what went wrong and do something about it next week. If we can't then I suspect our playoff run will be short, but just as handing the Seahawks and Ratbirds their ass doesn't make us a Superbowl winning team, this loss doesn't make us rubbish either - we'll still have the #1 rated D after this game, and we'll still be in the hunt for a play-off bye if we can learn from some admittedly huge mistakes.

Two things I'd like to see, though.

First, Dan Kreider on the field more.
Second, that the O-Line are made to watch their performance on a repeating loop all day tomorrow.

Oh and how about some credit for The Jets - Their D played a hell of a game.
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