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Re: Little Help Needed


Originally Posted by therocksteeler
Alittle on the Newbish side here but I have quick question. What program do you folks use to create the signature/personalized Steeler art at the bottom of each post or thread. Love the ones I have seen so far. I'm looking to get TheRockSteeler in a banner is all. Any help here folks? Thanks in advance....

When I was making mine I was using Photoshop, but I have a new setup and don't have it now.

As far as software that is easy to find and easy to use, it really is primo.

If you really had something nice in mind, our resident graphic artist SteelersfanMx is a true whiz and has made many of the VERY fine sigs you'll see on this board.

He's a very busy man, but you can try to get in touch with him via PM or in th Art Gallery.

While it is truly gratifying to create your own, you may not have the means, I understand. MX is very kind and generous with his time.

Can you help with a sig for me please? Keeping in mind the following images. "the prayer" locker room pic, any Steeler Logo metallic logos that jump out at ya, our 5 super bowl trophys, Art R. Sr and of course my name TheRockSteeler in a cool font of your choice. Wow, sorry for the Christmas list but I was told you are very good at your work. I will give out major props in forum!! Thanks in advance.
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