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Default Re: Let's go Colts!!

I completely disagree, and I was very unpopular at Damon's for saying so...

Here's why.

We own the Bungals. They are still our little *****es. We'll beat them December 4th in the Burgh, and own the tie break.

If Cincy beats Indy, they first remove the bullshit stigma surrounding the Colts as far as the unbeaten streak is concerned. Second, they move into first place in our division only temporarily...that is the point that seems to elude most of the people i talked too...Finally, I'd like to hand Indy their second loss in a row. They haven't played any teams with real balance this year, and they suddenly get two in a row...

I also think, as I'm watching the Bengals Colts game as I type, that we can remove all the hysteria concerning the Colts D. It is overrated. The Bungals have thrown up 20 on them in the first half alone.

In the long run, the Bengals do us a favor by beating the Colts.
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