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Default Re: Let's go Colts!!

Originally Posted by bengalsfan21
Define your definition of sweep....Mine is totaly blow them out and with the Bengals offense playing like they did you will have your hands full.......And I dont even have to touch on Manning aka Merlin of football, He proved today he is still the wizard when it comes to offensive calls against an up and coming QB.

You're right that we will have our hands full, but our D has already proved itself against the Bengals, and I'm confident they can do it again. As for the Colts, our D will have a better chance at stopping them than most teams out there - but Manning is amazing, and having a threat like James makes him even better.

As for the sweep, it just means consecutive wins over our next two opponents. I don't expect us to blow out either team. Of course all of this is contingent on Ben starting at QB.
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