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Default My car got stolen

Saturday night I was at an overnight at my church in one of the Christian groups I am in,when my car got stolen out of the church parking lot.The room me and some of my friends were in was right by the parking lot,unfortunatly the windows looked into the garden and not the lot.But we heard a car door slam and a car start...but we thought nothing of it until I walked outside to put my stuff in my car and found my friend Paul in the spot I had parked.

Of all the times I have left my car in that parking lot by it's self or basicly alone,nothing ever happened to it.But when it's there with a bunch of cars,and the entire group is at the church,it gets stolen.

It completly blows my mind,the fact that it was stolen while a bunch of people were at the church...and the fact that people will steal stuff off of church property.I guess nothing's sacred anymore.

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