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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

So we talk too much trash and that's why we havent won our 5th SB!! and so NOBODY on the Pats EVER talks any trash.. yeah, they're all angels on field.. OK rodney harrison, ok corey dillon.. ok troy brown.. ok ty law ... shall i continue ?

talking trash has nothing to do with it. Cowher keeps this team grounded and that was never more evident than last season. Everybody talks trash and everybody in the league is guilty of it.. PERIOD.

AS far as always being about the Steelers.. well to us it is..and to the players.. the STEELERS winning games, is all that matters. Thats the whole point of mini camp, training camp, pre season, regular season and post season, to win!!!

Nobody respects the game of football more than the Rooney's and Cowher.. and they convey that each and every week. So dont even start that shit of not respecting the game here..cuz it dont fly!! So let me guess, btw, since ur a pats fan, its not all about the pats winning games is it to you, its about the league...well the league doesnt win a SB, u know that..the pats win the pats a SB!!! WTF !!!!

In the past, Steeler teams have gotten ahead of themselves, and thats a fact..but in recent years finally, the pieces of the puzzle have been put in place and still are. We didnt lose in the AFCN because we were looking ahead, NOT AT ALL, and if u think we were, u need to have a few more Sam Adams !!! We lost becuase of breakdowns that didnt happen all year, and becuase our rookie QB, who had the best season ever in NFL history for a rookie, just plain ran outta gas. He'll be better for it.. and we'll be returning almost the same team, with a more experienced QB next year........unlike the majority of ur team that will need a road map to find their way to the locker room each week.
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