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Talking Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

>>>>So we talk too much trash and that's why we haven't won our 5th SB!! and so NOBODY on the Pats EVER talks any trash.. yeah, they're all angels on field.<<<<

Talking trash on the field is one thing. Talking trash before the game starts is another thing all together. And talking trash before the season even starts is nuts.

>>>>OK rodney harrison, ok corey dillon.. ok troy brown.. ok ty law ... shall i continue ?<<<<

You never heard one of these guys mouthing off before a game starts. Well, maybe Rodney on occasion. A piece of work, isn't he?

>>>>Nobody respects the game of football more than the Rooney's and Cowher<<<<

BS. The first thing out of Kraft's, and Bellichick's, mouths, after we beat you, was what a class organization the Steelers were. I heard nothing from Cowher after the game about the Patriots. Not one word. We won't forget that, believe me. That was a big mistake. And shows a lack of respect for the league, the Patriots, and football.

"We didn't lose in the AFCN because we were looking ahead, NOT AT ALL,"

That's right. You lost because you got BEAT.

>>>>unlike the majority of ur team that will need a road map to find their way to the locker room each week.<<<<

Keep talking trash my friend.
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