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Default Re: How much of this falls on Cowher?

I think Tommy was afraid! If the defense was within 4 feet of him he panicked! He ducked , fell down, he was terrible!

One drive your bad, or two so what but drive after drive, Cowher knew we wouldnt be able to run, unless Tommy proved to Balt, that he could throw to beat them.

Tommy on fourth and one takes a 8 yard sack, come on you teach seventh graders to throw no matter what. An interception twenty yards downfield is better than an eight yard sack.

Third and sixteen, Tommy panics, keeps the ball and runs for eight, give me a break, who is he Vick?? Throw the football. He had two interceptions called back thanks to defensive penalties. We were lucky to make it to O.T.

Tommy has to go!
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