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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

Actually Cowher did praise Bill, maybe not on Patsy TV.

Second its easy to be a pats fan cause you`ve been winning. I`m sure your just a shit talkin fairweather fan like the brownie fans.

Even if we were 1-15 this past year we would still all be here. It is passion for us. Deep inside you wish you were one of us, Steelers fans, but your probably afraid to wear Black and Gold in NE. Why else would you be on our site. I don`t say geez I want to talk football, I think I`ll try the Steelers forums, even though I`m a pats fan, or are you???

This is what the Blast Funace was intended for, so when we to this season , and you guys are out early, don`t go away, and run and hide you *&*&$%&
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