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Default Lynn Swann in Mexico

Hey guys!... this is awesome!

Remember that a year ago Franco Harris came to Mexico City to meet the fans
and share some autographs? Now Super Bowl X MVP Mr. Lynn Sawnn came to
the city in the same way... He was always in a very good mood, joking and smiling
all the time.

Many fans gathered early to find a place in the line and get a signed photo
and shake Mr. Swann's hand.

I arrived a little late, despite I missed work today...
( I was in home with flu --I made it up, by the way --)
I was afraid of missing my autograph, cause Mr. Swann says he would only
give sings for an hour...but fortunately for me and thank to my wife that was
there before and got a good place in the line, or maybe because Mr. Swann
was so excited by the warm welcomed and the hurrays by the fans, he decided
to stay more time, I was able to get some pictures and obtain my second autograph!

heres the pics:

The fans waiting

Lynn Swann arraving

In a good mood all the time

My wife got a sign for my steelers book

Me and Mr Swann. (the pic is too blurry)

What a beauty!

My new treasures!!
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