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Default What's up kids

Hey guys and gals, I'm new in the neighborhood and just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm a life-long Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan.
I moved to Illinois in the Eighties and became a huge Bulls fan.
Thank goodness. At least they were able to give me some titles, Pens not withstanding. I remember Francisco Cabrera vividly and still hate Atlanta.
I'm a college student and free-lance sports writer in Carbondale, IL (about 2 hours southeast of St. Louis) and root for my SIU Salukis every chance I get, unless I'm covering them. Well, I still root for 'em but as loudly.
I hate the Pats, Ravens, Cowboys and whoever is playing the Steelers. Can't stand the Mets, Reds, Cardinals, and Yankees, Braves, and whoever is beating the Pirates.
Really dislike the Knicks but the NBA is really starting to suck.
Hopefully this forum is cool because I'm pretty bored so maybe I can sneak around here and get in to a little scuffle, here or there.
Not scared of conflict or differing opinions but can't stand uninformed or poorly backed up takes.
Huge fan of The Jungle and listen whenever I can. PTI fan, hate Around the Horn.
All right, I sound like a huge dork so I'm out!
Screw Creighton and the Colts.
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