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Default Re: Steelers receive no respect from other fans

I don't think you can separate the fact that the Boys and the Steelers are almost identical when it comes to the quote DYNASTY tag. The only difference is we won 4 SB's in the seventies and they won three. They won 2 in this generation and we won one. Now both teams have a young QB that shines and it looks as though they may meat again some day in the Super bowl.

As for being on a board where you are getting trash talked by other fans. There are times when you need to no your Steelers better than the average fan. So you can have some comeback to the little things like Roger was better than Terry or Doomsday was better than the Steel Curtain. Also at times Dallas seams like the shinny new Porche and the Steelers are the Dodge Ram pick-up. I like it that way and I believe the Dallas fans like it that way to. They love their team just as much as Steelers fans do.

I know some have just become Steelers fans of late (early 90's to now). I wish there was a way that you could experience the seventies when no-one could say any thing because the Steelers always won. For a span there it seemed as though the Steelers would always be headed for or in the SB. Its kind of the way Pats fans are feeling now. " No one can stop us from getting to the SB, if we don't make it its because we lost the game, we've got to much talent". That is exactly how Steelers fans felt in the seventies.

Go and research The Steelers from the Seventies up and load up on ammo. You see that even though some teams may have more SB's or wins there is no team like your Steelers. The Steelers are unique. I am not saying better or worse, just unique.
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