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Default Re: New England Strategy Poll

Always mix it up. But run up the gut, pass over the middle. Pats defense is weakest against the run up the gut, and also weakest against the pass over the middle. Eagles tore up the middle of the Pats pass defense but screwed up passing to the outside with that weak arm feely. Ravens gut running up the middle of that defense was right on the mark. Colts also ran up the gut perfectly on the pats and passed over the middle. Hit there weak spots and we will be just fine. I have faith in are defense. Two good defenses have played the pats back to back weeks and have put the hammer on the pats. It is also a short week and the pats have been taking a beating over the last two weeks even tho they have won.

The main thing is if were doing good we have to stay with the game plan. Eagles got away from passing over the middle and there game plan. Ravens went away from the run and threw a stupid pass for a INT when they should of ran it up the gut and kicked a field goal. They also lost the game from calling that stupid timeout.
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