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Default Re: The beast has been wounded!

Originally Posted by FourThreeMafia View Post
Id rather Troy switch out with Carter in certain situations. Troy is more of a liability in coverage than Carter. Hard to believe, but true. The Pats pass alot and do it well, and will eventually exploit Troy if he is in there all game.

Carter is not a better cover safety than Troy. Troy is over aggressive at times, as are the coaches when he is in there. Still, the idea that you should pull Troy in passing situations is silly. Gee, I wonder what Brady's reaction would be if we pulled Troy on passing downs? I'm guessing he would be more thrilled than on a night of trying to impregnate a Supermodel. By supermodel, of course, I mean Fabio.

Troy seems to take the blame every time someone completes a pass these days. In fact, there are a lot of plays he catched up to to get in on a tackle where I don't think it was his coverage responsibility to begin with. I just think fans asume it was.

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