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Default This is going to be a WAR!!

As I sit here and think about this upcoming game, I am juggling two possible philosophies:

1. THE SELL OUT: Blitz and harass Marsha all game. Hit him on every play; hurt him physically. Now, I know that this will lead to big gains, but at the same time, you set them up for our second go around. Make Marsha pay for every completion. Get them to throw all the underneath routes and have our LB's make the quick tackles. As much as I hate Tony Kornholer, he made a good point last night and said that you should be willing to give up a 100 points and just come after them. Offensively, open up with all the shit that we **HOPE** the great Arians has been keeping in his back pocket...Spread them out and vary the offensive sets with formations like Miller at X, Hines at Z, Spaeth at Y(TE) and Holmes in the slot. Let them try to cover Holmes with a LB. Run your ZOne/toss towards the twins side and let Miller crack on rodney "dickhead" harrison. Things like that. I am NOT saying that we dont play to win...more to just make fools PAY

2. STANDARDIZED TESTING: Normal game plan, situational blitzes, etc. You know, the "pull your ****ing hair out" game plan. Save it all for the playoffs: I.E the 2nd NE game...

I have a feeling that this game will be a total ****ing war of epic proportions. The NE fan base and Stiller Nation truley ****ing hate each other...OH, to be there!

What say you?
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