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Default Running game in Dec/Jan is VITAL

I have been telling all the Pats fans that I can that they should be very worried come Dec/Jan if they cannot establish a running threat.

All the while, these clowns have laughed and stated that they did not need a running game when the can pass, ala the west coast scheme.

This being said, I stand by my statement: If you cannot establish the running game in Dec/Jan, you stand a great chance of taking a fall. Winter conditions play havoc on pass first teams. Always have, always will.

Condisidering that the SB will have to go through NE (an outdoor stadium), I believe my statement holds even more merit. If the Pats cant run, they WILL NOT win the SB.

Since the loss of Dillon, the Pats have become a highly successful pass first offense. Unfortunately, this is going to also be their downfall.

Some on this board have mocked our attemps to run in obvious run situations. Be very happy that we are doing that. Teams that keep plowing ahead with the run will be the teams that go very far in the playoffs.

It is a given that we will try to establish the run. It is also a given that the Pats will not. I like our chances, now and in January.
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