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Default Re: Steelers' Smith thinks DBs can handle Moss and Co.

Oh, he's gonna handle Moss, with a very hard hit after making him drop a pass. I trust him to do that

But...not impressed? I think that's too much, but it's good to have confidence anyway.

What I'm worried about is Taylor becoming last year's idiot against Javon Walker. hopefully it won't, but it's still a little concern. if ike can single handedly take moss outta the game( I know, very improbable) I think they can sure stop the rest of the receivers

gotta love ike's coments though

“I did all right,” Taylor said. “We lost, so I guess I didn’t do good enough.
2 catches and still wants to do a better job. I love you Ike

“It has a lot to do with it,” Smith said, “because they were ducking a lot. Houshmandzadeh thought I was going to hit him. I was going for the interception and he was still ducking.”
Fear, that's gonna be the main element in this game. the pats don't get scared easily so this could get really interesting

that said...keep hitting them in the mouth Anthony, and make them pay!

I can't wait for this game!
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