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Default Re: Steelers' Smith thinks DBs can handle Moss and Co.

Originally Posted by Steel_Bus_24 View Post
Faulk out of the backfield, Ben Watson and Welker are the true threats. Farrior and Foote are going to have to have a hell of a game in covering those sneaky bastards over the middle.
You said it all right there Bro. That freaking Faulk out of the backfield is my main concern. Man, I don't know why defenses let him slip into the flats without covering him. Faulk will often times act as if he's staying in to pass block, he'll chuck a defender and then run to the open flats. The Steelers will have to watch him closely.

Watson over the middle is a threat as well, especially during play action.

Welker is the only Patriots WR with balls enough to consistently catch passes over the middle. Moss is afraid to make "running catches" over the middle. Sure, he'll make a leaping catch if there's not a safety in front of him but the bottom line is that Moss is afraid of contact. Contain his streak routes and Moss is basically non-existent.
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