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Default Re: Steelers' Smith thinks DBs can handle Moss and Co.

Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post
I have no problem with what Smith said. I will have a problem with him if he goes out there and gets personal fouls due to trash talking or late hits.

Our boys should have confidence going into the game. I don't know if they will win....but I certainly don't want them taking the field scared.
I will have NO PROBLEM with two penalties from smith in the first quarter... each keeping a drive alive even... for late hits.


Because those two hits, very well may win us the game in the fourth when Moss and company hears footsteps and curls up into a little ball!

Yeah... You make the hit, take the punishment, and do it again to teach a lesson.

A penalty isn't bad at all if it is directed at the right person at the right time.
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