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Default Re: Steelers' Smith thinks DBs can handle Moss and Co.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
I will have NO PROBLEM with two penalties from smith in the first quarter... each keeping a drive alive even... for late hits.


Because those two hits, very well may win us the game in the fourth when Moss and company hears footsteps and curls up into a little ball!

Yeah... You make the hit, take the punishment, and do it again to teach a lesson.

A penalty isn't bad at all if it is directed at the right person at the right time.
I agree! Randy Moss will not play like the Randy Moss of the Raiders. So Ike is going to have his hands full. There was one deep ball to Moss in the Ravens game where he had smoked McAllister and Reed(who was playing deep in the cover 2). Its that very deep threat which makes Wes Welker look so good. The safeties playing deeper b/c of Moss leaves the middle wide open for Welker and Watson who both are extremely fast especially on the release.

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