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Default Re: Just saw the line for Sunday - Steelers +12

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
Its a home game in "weather" for the leads leading offense, an undefeated team and the leagues "4th" best defense. They are favored because of their own talents and accomplishments as much as the steelers are road dogs because of their losses at NY, Zona and Denver.

It won't matter what the spread is come half time. The Patriots hate the Steelers, the Steelers hate the Patriots. Its one of the closest gaurded rivalries in football. Unlike the Colts Pats, these two teams don't respect each other and truly hate each other.
IMO the Colts hate the Pats but with Dungy and Peyton you do not get the verbalization you do with the Steelers - kind of like an alcohol fire that is very hot but does not throw off as many obvious flames.

The Steelers may hate the Pats but they should respect having lost 4 out of the last 5 match-ups (including the 2 home AFC championship losses).

I agree the Pats think they can beat the Steelers anytime they need to and have no respect for them, regarding the Steelers & Cowher as the dumb kid who can always be outsmarted.
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