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Default Re: Just saw the line for Sunday - Steelers +12

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Saints be praised!! A Pats fan who isn't drinking the Foxboro koolaid! Welcome to Steelers Fever, PatsFan2003.

I think the pressure that both the Eagles and Ravens D's put on Brady frustrated the hell out of him and it really showed in the game this past Monday. As we all know, Brady hates defenders anywhere near his space and one of the keys to us winning the battle on the defensive side of the ball is to keep pressure on him and make him hear footsteps.

I agree that Ben could give the Pats D fits, but that is going to depend on how well the OL protects him. They've been playing much better the last couple of weeks and hopefully that trend will continue.
Brady certainly doesn't like pressure (what QB does?) but he can deal with it. It's not like either Philly or the Ravens shut the Patriots out. The media has just gone overboard to the point where people think anything less that 50 points is a poor performance.

I really think the Pats will be able to score even against a zone blitzing team like the Steelers, the question will be whether it will be enough or at the right time (i.e the end) because...

I'm just worried sick about the D. The rush has been non-existant and a QB that can improvise is just going to kill us. When Boller and Feeley look like all-pro's there's a problem. I just hope Belichick can pull something out of his ... hat here.
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