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Default Re: Paintball Thread

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
My kid and his friends would smoke us at speedball...but they dont have a prayer in the woods...I think that is because we have been trained to "not take chances"...and speedball is all about "controlled" aggressivness

I love big games in the woods. I played at Skirmish USA in the Poconos(Jim Thorpe, PA). It was the Battle of Stalingrad with my team, the Russians, outnumbered 2-1 by the German team. It was GREAT. There must have been over 1200 people in total. It was mainly mission/objective based, but there's non-stop action too. One example would be holding down a fuel depot as our first mission. We got there and had to secure it for 15 minutes to get the points. After about five minutes, we came under attack but held on for the points. If you wanted fast action you just went to the Tippmann Castle since it was constantly being fought over. Fun times, fun times.
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