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Default Re: NFL IQ Test, Important?

If this were a Patriot site, I wouldn't need to put up the answers. But since this is a Steeler site, I'll put up the answers tomorrow.[/QUOTE]

Thats Funny!

Seriously this is almost embarrassing for so called college educated athletes. My daughter is a fifth grader and her homework is harder than this. Is it important, probably not its sad to say. Dexter Manley couldn`t even read but was a all pro football player, and got through 4 years of college eligibility. It is more sad for the colleges, to let this go. I`m sure Steelers, Pats, whomever we all have a dumbass or two. I know alot of smart people that couldn`t afford to go college. But I wouldn`t want to see them play football.
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