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Default Re: The chosen one can't save you!

Kellen Winslow Jr. is a beast my friends, not a bust....

Kellen has a rich tradition of football in his veins and has the talent to be better then even his father.

Kellen put up beastly numbers in "DA U" and had no chance to showcase them in his one and a half games he played.

Kellen was still warmimg up to the NFL when he played his only two games, because he held out for 2 of the 4 weeks of preseason.

Kellen is the most talented TE to ever play the position....He is the fastest TE in the NFL(exept for The Pats 2004 1st round pick), hes strong, will not go down with arm tackles, he can go vertical, will burn LBs and was the most hyped TE ever out of college.

Kellen will be the Browns savior on offense and if the Browns draft Alex Smith, he will be "THE CHOSEN ONE"

*IF* Kellen were to due poorly it would be because

Trent Dilfer is throwing to him

He is injured

His poor attitude

Watch out, Todd Heap and K2 are the best TEs in the AFC North
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