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Default Re: The chosen one can't save you!

Yeah, Jersey get a clue...TEs are taking the NFL by storm

Tony Gonzalez-Leading Receiver for Chiefs

Todd Heap-Although injured half the year, leading Receiver for Ratbirds

Antonio Gates-Leading Receivers for Chargers

Algea Crumpler-Leading Receiver for Falcons

Jason Witten-Leading Receiver for the Cowboys

You might argue none of these teams had solid WR cores, however, look at it this way...They have all made the playoffs within the last two seasons....

MY POINT??? If you want to rebuild to be a contender, a solid TE will not hurt your chances....

Oh and Jeremy Shockey makes honarable mentions as he was the leading Receiver for the Giants but his teams last playoff appearance was in '02

And Eric Johnson of the Whiners was their leading Receiver but his teams last post-season appearance was in '02

Oh and remember the Broncos of the late 90s? It didnt kill that (arguably) the best TE of all time was on their Superbowl teams....And ditto for the '00 Ravens.

Times are changing, and TEs are becoming just as (if not, then more so) important as(or then) WRs

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