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Thumbs down FOX Sports Radio's new guest host

I don't know if there's an FSR station in the 'Burgh but if there is, have any of you heard this new guest host they're pimping? I think his name is Farrell (pronounced FAIR-el) and he's absolutely terrible. I heard him on J.T. the Brick's show last week and the extravaganza this morning I was just like, "Who the hell is this dude?" The guy's voice is terrible and he sings childish songs instead of offering decent takes. The guy was ripping Paterno for the way he talks, like this jackoff host has the voice of Captain Piccard, and I heard him rip Jay Glazer after an interview with him, this morning. I don't know what FOX is thinking but they need to end this experiment quickly. I just tune in to NPR instead of listening to this ass.
What do you guys think? Have you heard him?
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