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Default Re: MLB Steroid Report

When it comes to baseball and car crashes I know too much about it... I'm a Pirates fan

The MLB is really taking initiative into this steroid thing, but its going to take a lot to repair the damage. The situation really is a mess, especially when Suspect #1 just broke on of, if not the most, prestigious record in the game.

Which, on a ranting note, is only the most prestigious record because the media wanted it to be. It should be career hits, RBIs, Wins by a pitcher, something with a little more significance to how the game is played.

Home runs are sexy and marketable, but they aren't necessarily critical to how the game is played, to be honest.

Back to the topic...

Presenting the list to the public is their attempt to show that they ARE making moves to stop the tide of PEDs in the game.

"See... see... we care... here's your reward for your patience... please keep coming to games."
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