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Default Re: will the steelers beat the colts next year?

I think the colts are relying on the best defense is a good offense mantra. Not that its a bad thing, cause I'm sure coaches lose an extra hour a day come their week against the colts watching film. The thing I am concerned about is how do you buck tradition. The Super Bowl is going to be 40 this year. Championships are won around a couple key points(these are only factors late in the year. As long as you are in the playoffs you can apply these factors)...

1) play good defense. Look at all the winners. They all stuffed or calculated 1st and 2nd leaving teams in % low 3rd down situations. When D's can pin the ears back on 3rd downs in the NFL its a long day on offense.

2) run the ball effectively. This doesn't mean run the ball a lot or for a lot of yards. This means if you hand off only 5 times a game, but you avg. 5+ yards a gain, then defenses have to respect that. Changes them from attacking to reacting.

3) Don't turn the ball over. Simple. More often than not, teams who control the ball are always winners come late in the season.

The trouble with Indy is on a good day they do all three. On a bad day they don't do one. Its like having a streaky point guard go cold shooting 3's. Yeah it got some wins along the way, but when the well goes dry...
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