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Default Re: Mitchell report: Clemens

Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
I really don't care....Todd Pratt is on the list.....Super Star This whole Mitchell Report is a joke a complete waste of time....Many on that list were nothing but Plus if you people think the NFL is clean then you have your heads in the sand.....I for one don't care what these players do...Its entertainment.....For all this integrity of the game bull crap....That all went out the window when Free Agency became part of Pro I say let them keep roiding up.....
Everyone knows steroids are ramped in football lol. VERY likely much more so than any other sport. The thing is though, no one cares about it in the NFL because the league handles it soooo much better than that circus called Major League Baseball. I get to talk to some media guys once in a while (I am a journalism student and my administrator knows a lot of people in the business, especially in the Pennsylvania / Ohio areas) and know it isn't as uncommon in the Steeler locker room (allegedly) as I would like to believe... :( - None of what I hear means anything to me though unless I see it myself so that is nice. I like to think the Stillirs locker room is clean, even if it isn't
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