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Default Re: SFAFC BLOG

Well the Moderator battle, that will be discussed for years to come, began tonight.

I thought I'd get the ball rolling by playing a LB with a bad wheel

He's avoiding a goose egg, but still not a wise move. I forgot the Texans played tonight. Well... I remembered the Texans played, but I forget that Ryans plays there... he's far too talented to be associated with Houston...

In my college league, my run at a three peat is in serious jeopardy, as I've really faltered coming down the stretch.

He has Owens and Plax, as well.

I'd rather see them put up two fat ZEROS and lose to you Marianne.

My opponent in the other league is my former roommate and without question fantasy rival.
Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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