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Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
I actually think they're the 2nd team to do it. PCC won it in the first year of the 16 game schedule. However in AAA yes, they are.

Congrats to TJ. Looking forward if we get that far to knocking you guys off your perch.
I was just repeating what the sportscasters said; they were wrong and you are right, they are the first AAA team to do it. I think Berwick has done it a time or two as a AAAA team, but I didn't look it up. (I just looked it up; they've gone 15-0 4 times, all in the early '90s.)

I got to see most of the first half here on PCN; the game looked dead even to me, when I had to turn it off it was 7-3 TJ. From there on out, I don't think GV got more than a couple first downs.
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