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Default Re: Steelers vs. Jaguars Gameday Thread - 12/16/07

Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
I never thought this D was great in the first place even when they were rated number Its a good defense but far from great......Part of the problem there isn't any impact plays...Smith made one today but that was it.....

James Harrison is a nice player but its becoming more evident that he isn't an elite player...Haggans has disappeared after a solid start on the season....Farrior is having a good year but he is in his early 30s........Well Foote is just solid but when you don't have the other LBs making impact plays on a consistent basis its hard to mask Foote's short coming...I'm just hoping Woodley and Timmons are the impact LBs this defense needs....The 3-4 is built on impact LBs......

Speaking of impact players.....Troy is getting paid as one but he has been very quiet this year.....

This defense is far from the Steel Curtain and even mentioning them in the same breath as the great defenses of the 70s is a slap in the face to the Steel
IMO Haggans has played himself out of any potential re-signing. What troubles me is that with the drop-off in the last month, if Timmons was showing anything in practice he would be getting some snaps on D.

This team is going 4-3; IMO Troy's comment in Cook's column today on not having as many opportunities to make plays this year is the tip of the iceberg on Cowher/LeBeau players being frustrated with the change in philosophy.

I would not be surprised if Arians is fired and LeBeau retired as Tomlin brings in his own men - that may not be a bad thing - this team is a long way from being close to the SB.
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