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Default Re: Steelers vs. Jaguars Gameday Thread - 12/16/07

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
"We knew this team took advantage of a weak early schedule" if you are reffering to you and some of the other frequent posters on this forum who only come post a lot after loses, think again. I have been looking back at posts of you and a lot of others who say "I knew it, weak schedule, we suck" (Particularly the posters in this thread - and trust me. No one was saying we were taking advantage of a weak early schedule until recentley. I say to you what I do everyone else who only posts negative comments. Please, take them somewhere else. It is obvious that you people think the organization owes everything to the fans and haven't delivered. The Steelers don't owe any of us anything.
I stopped posting on here since this site was just a bunch of blind homers really.....Plus many of you can't handle anything negative about the Steelers....I only started posting back on here since I had a falling out at my other Steelers site I posted at....It wasn't after a loss like you suggested....I like being real........and call things like I see it....If you can't handle that then piss off....I only take issue when you blind homers attack other fans for being negative.....
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